Cosmetic pumps may have many various shapes and functions, but they all have one task – to make your morning self-care routine much easier. Imagine using only cosmetics in tubes or ordinary bottles – its possible to do, but not so convenient. Pumps allow you to use cosmetics without lifting them. Its just what you need.

No matter if you are a consumer or producer – using pumps is suitable for all.

What are the most common pumps?

Among the pumps for cosmetics are those that just dose liquid or make foam from it, as well as those that are perfect for light, very liquid formulas.

They have similar shapes, but a bit of different production methods and technology used. Cosmetic pumps are the best for such products, as:

  • shampoos,
  • hair conditioners,
  • face serums,
  • liquid soaps,
  • nail cleaners,
  • some of the hand creams,
  • body balms.

What pump for cosmetics to choose?

There are many types of cosmetic pumps – you can choose, what you most need and suit their shape to your own preferences.

By using pumps, you have the certainty that you dose a proper amount of cosmetics. Furthermore, it is a more hygienic way to use liquid or creamy formulas. Thanks to the airless pumps, there is no way that oxygen could make an impact on cosmetics properties.

Classic pumps

The classic pump is just a simple cosmetic dispenser, versatile, and convenient to use. They can be used with hair, face, and body cosmetics. You can choose among many sizes and colors – in shop: there are black, white or transparent ones.

You can choose a pump with or without cap – if you travel a lot, it is a better option to have a plastic cap, so nothing spills out of the pump.

Foam-making pumps for cosmetics

For some kinds of cosmetics (especially for face or hair) the best packaging is a bottle with a foam-making pump. It allows making a very light consistency, so it can gently care the skin.

It is also great for shampoo – when foamed, it can deeply clean hair skin and make hair more volumed. Foam-making pumps are mostly made of polypropylene (PP), so they are more durable.

Open-stop pumps

Open-stop pumps for cosmetics are perfect for travelling. You can easily lock the pump, so it cant be pressed. They are also great for oil-formulated cosmetics, like hair serum or face oil. When you lock the pump, nothing spills out of the bottle in case, when it falls over.

These kinds of pumps are available in many sizes. Remember to check the diameter of your cosmetic bottle before shopping, so you can choose the proper size of the pump.


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